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Absa Kenya FY 23 Results

Absa Kenya FY 23 Results

Episode 73

In this episode recorded on 19.03.2024, we host Yusuf Omari - Finance Director, Absa Bank Kenya, to deep-dive into the bank's FY 2023 results.

We also cover FX depreciation, exposure to government securities, risk-based pricing model, the cost of risk, and mark-to-market losses.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:23 Overview of the FY 2023 Results

00:03:24 FX Depreciation and Exposure to Government Securities

00:07:13 NPLs and Preference for Short-Term Lending

00:10:56 Customer Deposits, Loan Uptake, and the IFB

00:18:55 Cost of Risk and the Cost-to-Income Ratio

00:25:19 CAPEX and Dividends

00:27:44 Non-Funded Income, Insurance, and Asset Management

00:32:08 Loan-To-Deposit Ratio and Mark-To-Market Losses

00:34:19 Interest Expense, FX Outlook, and Risk-Based Pricing

00:40:48 Longterm Plans, M&A, and Key Takeaways

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