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Kenya's Electricity Value Chain

Kenya's Electricity Value Chain

Episode 68

In this episode recorded on 19.12.2023, we are joined by the Kenya Power team of Rosemary Oduor - GM, Commercial Services & Sales and Raphael Ndolo - Ag. GM, Network Management to better understand Kenya's electricity value chain.

We also cover electricity generation, power demand, blackouts, IPPs, compensation for damage, and carbon trading.

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Show Notes

00:00:00  Introduction

00:07:06 The Electricity Value Chain

00:09:38 Electricity Generation, Power Demand, and Reserve Capacity

00:22:20 Blackouts and Grid Connections

00:28:34 IPPs

00:36:50 Independent Businesses Selling The Excess Power

00:42:56 Power Transmission

00:46:48 Compensation for Damage by Power Surges

00:49:09 Dispatch Merit Order

00:53:26 SLAs

00:56:58 N-1 Contingency, Power Storage, and Load Shedding

01:08:18 Optimal Power, Energy Insecurity, and Carbon Trading

01:19:27 Closing Thoughts

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