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I&M Group FY 23 Results

I&M Group FY 23 Results

Episode 74

In this episode recorded on 25.03.2024, we host Kihara Maina - Regional CEO and Billy Ng'etich - Acting CFO from I&M Group as we break down I&M Group’s 2023 financial performance.

We also cover interest income trends in a rising interest rate environment, monetizing digital transactions, risk-based pricing model, unlocking shareholder value, and subsidiary performance.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:04 Overview of FY 23 Results

00:01:47 Interest Income vs Interest Expense

00:03:00 Non-Funded Income, NPLs, and Interest Income Trends

00:09:02 Bottom Line, ROE, and Investments

00:16:31 Lending Rate and Risk-Based Pricing Model

00:20:27 Strategy, Positioning, and Products

00:23:46 Dividend Payout Ratio and SLLR

00:28:46 Acquisition by East Africa Growth Holding

00:29:26 Unlocking Shareholder Value and Subsidiary Performance

00:32:51 Monetizing Digital Transactions and G2G Transactions

00:37:29 2024 Outlook

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