May 6 • 1HR 11M

Episode 51: Rising Eurobond Yields

Impact on Kenya's bid to raise a Eurobond next year

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In this episode recorded on 27.04.2023, we host Mark Bohlund, Senior Credit Research Analyst at REDD Intelligence, to discuss Kenya's rising Eurobond yields and the impact on Kenya's bid to raise a Eurobond next year.

We also cover the sell-off in the market, the likelihood of defaulting on the upcoming Eurobond payment, and strategies for managing maturing Eurobonds.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:54 Eurobonds

00:05:09 Taping into The Eurobond Market

00:06:21 Rising Yields on the Kenya Eurobond

00:09:55 Drivers for Market Sell-Off

00:11:28 Managing Maturing Eurobonds

00:18:47 Likelihood Of Default

00:24:16 Challenges in Borrowing in the Domestic Market

00:30:39 Tanzania Getting into the Bond Market

00:38:53 Uganda's Domestic Market

00:43:41 Closing Thoughts