May 25 • 58M

Episode 52: Kenya Orient Life Assurance

Understanding Kenya Orient's life assurance business

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In this episode recorded on 20.04.2023, we hosted Jackson Muli, the principal officer at Kenya Orient Life Assurance, to discuss the company’s business and future prospects.

We also covered the basics of insurance and assurance, the implementation of the new NSSF Act, the impact of IFRS 17 on the insurance business, and investments.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:30 Insurance vs Assurance

00:05:39 Insurance Industry Players

00:12:53 Growth Strategy

00:15:12 Jackson’s Career Journey

00:17:21 Challenges and Opportunities

00:28:20 NSSF Act Implementation

00:35:30 IFRS 17’s Impact

00:38:58 Claims Settlement and Eligibility for Cover

00:46:10 Getting into the Insurance Industry

00:47:28 Revenue Generation and Investments

00:53:41 Future Outlook and Closing Thoughts