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KCB FY 2023 Performance

KCB FY 2023 Performance

Episode 75

In this episode recorded on 26.03.2024, we host Lawrence Kimathi, Group Director Finance - KCB, as we break down the bank’s 2023 financial performance.

We also cover NBK’s sale, subsidiary performance, dividends, the G2G oil deal, and the bank’s 2024 outlook.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:03:00 Local vs Multinational Banks

00:04:00 FY23 Results Overview

00:07:54 Customer Deposits, Gross Loans, and NPLs

00:18:35 NBK

00:23:10 Interest Income vs Interest Expense

00:26:18 Cost to Income Ratio and Subsidiary Performance

00:33:56 Capex and Dividends

00:36:27 The G2G Oil Deal 

00:38:59 Outlook for 2024

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