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The IMF Report on Kenya

The IMF Report on Kenya

Episode 69

In this episode recorded on 22.01.2024, we are joined by Churchill Ogutu - Economist, IC Group and Julians Amboko - Business Journalist, Nation Media Group for a discussion on the latest IMF report on Kenya.

We also cover the Medium-Term Revenue Strategy (MTRS), broadening the tax base, currency depreciation, and Eurobonds.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction 

00:02:26 Why Does Kenya Need the IMF?

00:05:09 Takeaways From IMF’s Sixth Review Report

00:12:15 Medium-Term Revenue Strategy and the Finance Act 2024

00:17:24 Augmentation of Existing IMF Programs

00:23:47 Extended Credit Facility (ECF) Extended Fund Facility (EFF), And Resilience And Sustainability Facility (RSF

00:26:03 Broadening The Tax Base and Fiscal Consolidation

00:36:52 Treasury Single Account, Appropriation Bill, and Appropriation Act

00:41:16 Currency Depreciation and Special Drawing Rights 

00:53:32 Consumption Tax, Refinancing, and Eurobonds

01:02:38 Closing Thoughts

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