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Stanbic Holdings FY 2023 Results

Stanbic Holdings FY 2023 Results

Episode 72

In this episode recorded on 06.03.2024, we host Dennis Musau - Chief Finance & Value Officer, Stanbic Bank to delve into the bank's FY 2023 earnings results.

We also cover the loan book, NPLs, participation in the G2G program, the impact of Kenya’s graylisting by FATF, dollar access in the market, SBG Securities’ performance, dividends, and share buybacks.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introductoin

00:06:46 2023 Performance Overview

00:10:04 Loan Book and Non-Performing Loans

00:22:44 Interest Income, Investment In Gov’t Securities, and Non-Funded Income

00:30:02 The G2G Program

00:32:18 Statutory Loan Loss Reserve, Dividends, and Share Buy Backs

00:37:55 South Sudan Subsidiary’s Performance, M&A, and SBG Securities

00:42:11 Exposure in the Tea Sector

00:43:58 FATF Graylisting, Dollar Access, and Eurobond Repayment

00:53:21 Impact of Depreciating Currency on Tier-One Banks 

00:57:14 Outlook, Strategy, and Closing Thoughts

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