Mar 15 • 1HR 11M

Episode 46: SIB - Understanding MansaX

Executive Director Nahashon Mungai breaks down MansaX

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Breaking down businesses and understanding markets in East Africa
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In this episode, we host Standard Investment Bank’s Executive Director Nahashon Mungai to discuss the company’s flagship product, MansaX. We also cover risk, portfolio rebalancing, managing losses, and the global economic outlook.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:00 SIB’s History

00:04:36 Nahashon’s Career Journey

00:09:00 MansaX

00:16:20 Investing, Returns, Fees, and Risk

00:24:15 The Team

00:27:40 Typical Day Managing a Portfolio

00:30:41 Managing Losses and Taxation

00:48:14 5-Year Plan and Global Macroeconomic Outlook

01:01:59 Withdrawal Process

01:05:15 Closing Thoughts