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Investing in Women

Investing in Women

Episode 77

In this episode recorded on 13.03.2024, our guest host, Victoria Rubadiri, is joined by Risper Alaro - Group Finance Director at Centum Investment, Sheilah Birgen - Director at Digital Cooperation Organization, and Mercy Kimani - Managing Director at Dale Carnegie Kenya on a conversation about investing in women.

We also cover the differences women make in organizations, overcoming gender bias at the workplace, empowering women, and skills to better equip women.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:14:18 Differences Women Make in Organizations

00:19:04 Overcoming Gender Bias at the Workplace

00:22:22 Empowering Women

00:25:50 Navigating Relationships With Men at The Workplace

00:29:45 Skills to Better Equip Women

00:33:41 Unconscious Bias Among Investors When Dealing With Women-Led Ventures

00:37:41 Lifting Women Through Leadership Ranks

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