Mar 17 • 49M

Episode 48: Path to CFO

EABL CFO, Risper Ohaga, on her career journey to CFO

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Breaking down businesses and understanding markets in East Africa
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In this episode recorded on 06.03.2023, we host the East African Breweries PLC Group Chief Financial Officer Risper Ohaga to discuss her journey to becoming a CFO. We cover what makes a successful CFO, mentors, getting the right team, and handling uncertainties.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Risper’s Career Journey

00:20:21 CFO vs CEO Role

00:22:56 What Makes a Successful CFO?

00:24:18 Getting the Right Team

00:29:48 Corporate culture in Various Countries

00:32:05 Book Recommendations and Personal Interests

00:36:21 The Kenyan Economy

00:37:49 Handling Uncertainties

00:42:12 Mentors, Staying Knowledgeable, and Closing Thoughts