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2024 Pre-Budget Analysis

2024 Pre-Budget Analysis

Episode 83

In this episode recorded on 10.06.2024, our guest host, Julians Amboko from Nation Media Group, is joined by Stephanie Kimani - Economist, Nicholas Kahiro - Tax Manager, Ruth Mwiti - Tax Consultant, and Stellar Swakei - Economic Analyst for a 2024 pre-budget analysis and a discussion about the Finance Bill.

We cover the performance of the Finance Act 2023, the government's ambitious revenue targets in a depressed economy, the voluntary tax disclosure program, the national tax policy, and expenditure estimates for FY 2024/2025.

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Key Quotes

“From the analysis and observation of where we are currently, I don't believe that the Finance Bill 2024 will be able to raise more than KES 600B and still I do not believe that we will be able to achieve the current fiscal year's revenue target and also the next fiscal year's revenue target.” - Stellar Swakei

“Let's have consistency. Let's have predictability. And with the National Tax Policy out, I will urge the government to make sure going forward, let us anchor our changes or amendments in the tax legislation with the national tax policy.” - Nicholas Kahiro

“The budget reading, in my opinion, will be a non-event. There is not much that will change in terms of the numbers that we've already seen. However, what I would love to come out of the budget reading is the government's commitment. That political goodwill and the political commitment that they will be walking the talk and just assuring Kenyans that we are with you because what I have been feeling in the past couple of months, even through this whole public participation for the finance bill, is that there's a bit of a disconnect from what the government expects or thinks is happening on the ground vis-a-vis the reality.” - Stephanie Kimani

“There are laws currently that have been made or developed to collect taxes, the income tax, the excise duty act, the VAT act, and in terms of administration, the Tax Procedures Act. My view is that we don't need to keep on changing the law to increase revenue. I am of the view that if these laws, the way they are, are implemented, the government can achieve the tax that it is looking for.” - Ruth Mwiti

Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:58 State Of The Economy and Finance Act 2023 Performance

00:07:01 Supplementary Budget II

00:19:58 Direct vs Indirect Taxes

00:28:00 Govt’s Ambitious Revenue Targets

00:34:58 FY 24/25 Expenditure Estimates and Fiscal Consolidation

00:42:27 The National Tax Policy

00:55:01 Deficits in the FY 24/25 Budget

01:00:40 The Voluntary Tax Disclosure Program and Tax Amnesty

01:05:46 Closing Remarks

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