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Implications of Kenya's FATF Greylisting

Implications of Kenya's FATF Greylisting

Episode 73

In this episode recorded on 29.02.2024, we host Nankunda Katangaza - Co-founder and Director, Hook Tangaza, John Kamau - Associate Director Financial Crime Advisory, PwC EA, and Titus Kariuki Senior Manager Financial Crime Advisory, PwC EA to unpack the repercussions of Kenya's greylisting by The Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

We also cover the issues Kenya needs to address to get off the grey list, measures to protect against financial crime, cryptocurrency as an attractive channel for illicit funds, and enhancing compliance.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:04:41 FATF, AML, and CFT

00:07:33 Implications of Being on the Grey List

00:25:13 Issues to Address to Get Off the Grey List

00:36:50 Challenges in Reporting Suspicious Transactions

00:42:52 Enhancing Compliance

00:59:07 LSK’s Contribution Towards Getting Kenya Off the Grey List

01:04:04 Cryptocurrency as an Attractive Channel for Illicit Funds

01:07:18 Protecting Against Financial Crime

01:13:54 Closing Remarks

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