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Unmasking Cartels

Unmasking Cartels

Episode 84

In this episode recorded on 12.06.2024, our guest host and communications expert, Terryanne Chebet, is joined by the Competition Authority of Kenya’s Senior Investigations Officer, Prisca Mwanyale, in a conversation on the various strategies and sanctions CAK employs to unmask cartels.

We also cover CAK’s role, what cartels are, how CAK chooses the industries to investigate, the cost of collusion, penalties, challenges in ensuring compliance in the digital space, and checks that keep CAK from abusing its power.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:03 CAK’s Role

00:07:52 Cartel and Uncovering Them

00:13:52 Choose Industries to Investigate

00:19:01 The Investigation to Enforcement Process

00:22:41 Collusion and Penalties

00:32:11 Compliance in the Digital Space 

00:34:20 Anti-Competitive Behavior

00:36:18 Cartel Enforcement in Other Countries

00:40:54 Lessons from Forensic Activities

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