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Understanding SIB & Mansa-X

Understanding SIB & Mansa-X

Episode 79

In this episode recorded on 14.05.2024, we host Nahashon Mungai - Executive Director, Global Markets at Standard Investment Bank to better understand SIB and its product, Mansa-X.

We also cover its regulation, the Kenya shilling and USD funds, risk management, management fees, and taxation.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:43 SIB’s Business Model

00:06:41 Mansa-X

00:10:45 Regulation

00:11:51 KES and USD Fund

00:13:17 Custodian, Trustees, Diversification, and Liquidity

00:21:10 Financial Instruments and Tools

00:28:11 Management Fees and Risk Management 

00:32:11 Lock-In Period and the Compounding Effect

00:38:53 Risk of Losing Initial Capital

00:45:13 Competition, Huddle Rates, and Taxation

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