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Understanding Buyer Power

Understanding Buyer Power

Episode 67

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In this episode recorded on 20.12.2023, we are joined by Dr. Priscilla Njako - Manager - Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), Willy Kimani - Director, RETRAK Kenya, and Ishmail Bett - CEO, Association of Kenya Suppliers for an in-depth discussion on buyer power and its potential abuse.

We also cover the role of the Competition Authority of Kenya, the recent KES 1.1B penalty meted out to Carrefour, the sanctity of contracts, and retail trade dispute settlement.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:17 CAK’s Role and Buyer Power

00:08:32 Retail Space in Kenya 

00:14:52 Association of Kenya Suppliers

00:17:02 Determination of Buyer Power and its Abuse

00:27:12 Sanctity of Contracts 

00:33:48 Dispute Settlement, the Competition Tribunal, and the Carrefour Case

00:54:02 Settlements with CAK and the Carrefour Penalty

01:10:37 Beyond The Penalty

01:18:09 Options Available to an Offending Party

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