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Episode 24: Car and General

Episode 24: Car and General

A deep dive into C&G's business with the CEO

Welcome to the Mwango Capital Podcast where we discuss topical issues on African capital markets.

In this episode, we host the Car and General CEO Vijay Gidoomal on a discussion about the NSE-listed firm's beginnings, its current business ventures, and its outlook on the future.

We also discuss the factors the company considers before entering a market, its recently launched helmet-manufacturing business, the move towards e-vehicles, and the protracted tax dispute with KRA.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:13 Role as CEO

00:02:33 C&G's evolution and business model

00:07:03 Maret entry and exit considerations

00:12:57 Business segments

00:15:44 Helmet manufacturing

00:28:13 Competition and franchising structures

00:33:00 E-vehicles, poultry, and real estate businesses

00:38:47 Tax dispute with KRA

00:39:56 Future outlook

00:44:22 Being a good CEO

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