Nov 13, 2021 • 1HR 12M

Episode 4: Acorn Holdings

A deep dive into Acorn Holdings with the CEO Edward Kirathe and CIO Raghav Gandhi

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Breaking down businesses and understanding markets in East Africa
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Welcome to the Mwango Capital Podcast where we discuss topical issues on African capital markets.

In this episode, we host the Acorn Holdings CEO Edward Kirathe and CIO Raghav Gandhi for a discussion on the state of real estate investments in Kenya, mobilizing funds through the capital markets, and the firm’s recently-launched offering for retail investors, VUKA.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:03:09 A brief career summary

00:07:28 Acorn’s business model

00:09:38 Acorn’s ownership structure

00:13:49 REITs

00:17:07 State of the Kenyan capital market

00:24:11 Acorn’s Green Bond

00:30:35 REITs structure

00:34:46 Lessons and reflections from real estate investments

00:39:48 VUKA

00:46:27 Rent escalation, yields, and Green Bond certification

00:56:50 Land management challenges

00:59:12 Advantages of investing in REITs

01:01:00 What’s next for Acorn

01:04:33 REITs uptake

01:05:33 Acorn’s team, impact, and organizational culture

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