Feb 15 • 1HR 23M

Episode 45: Car and General

CEO Vijay Gidoomal on C&G's business, challenges, and future outlook

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In this episode, we host the Car and General CEO Vijay Gidoomal to discuss the firm’s FY ‘22 results, the impact of demurrage charges on its profitability, and expectations for FY ‘23. We also cover the forex challenges and availability of dollars, capital allocation and dividend payout, and EV infrastructure in Kenya.

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:04:32 FY ‘22 Results

00:14:55 Access to Dollars and Impact of Demurrage

00:19:24 Watu Holding

00:23:29 Property Investment

00:29:12 Capital Allocation

00:36:50 Cargen TechUp Program

00:38:44 EV Infrastructure in Kenya

00:44:43 FY ‘23 Expectations

00:51:53 Debt Composition and Taxation Challenges

01:15:24 Working with Start-ups

01:17:36 Closing Thoughts